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  • Why Donate A Vehicle - Car Donation Benefits

    There are many benefits to a car donation, both spiritual and financial. We will help you maximize those benefits to the greatest extent possible! Donate car - boat - aircraft, any vehicle donation accepted!

    Car Donation Online - Personal Benefits Explained

    Ease Your Mind, Avoid Hassles with Car Donation Online
    Selling a vehicle or getting rid of an unwanted car or truck is a hassle. If you choose to sell, you have to make the used car sale-worthy or risk action from a dissatisfied buyer. The cost of repairing a car is often not worth the small amount of gain. Dealer trade-ins are not always a good option either, and with the fair market tax deduction you just may find that your greatest benefit comes from donating a car to charity. Donate your car or vehicle to charity and save the anxiety, stress, time, and money involved, while reaping some valuable personal rewards as well.

    Your Car Donation WILL make a difference!

    When you donate with us, car donation online, you can feel safe that your car donation is used for maximum good. We do not spend proceeds carelessly, we operate on a strict budget with a staff of volunteers, and we get as much money to deserving recipients as possible (unlike some charities that spend a 60%+ on advertising and staff, leaving little for those in need).

    Car Donation Means Financial Advantages For You

    Your car donation will qualify you (in almost every case) to take a Fair Market Value Tax Deduction on your next income tax return. We have a deep understanding of the tax regulations and know how to manage your car donation to net you the biggest tax deduction, meaning that your generosity and convenience will actually put money back in your pocket next year!

    Donate a Car or any Vehicle With This Simple Process

    We've made it simple to donate and enjoy these benefits. Use our fast and easy online car donation form, or call us for more help, and we will get you on your way to tax savings, and great personal satisfaction. You won't have to deal with fixing and selling your car, and we'll give you all you need for the IRS!

Car Donation Online - Donate Car

Donate car, motorcycle, aircraft, boat or any type vehicle donation to Car Donation Online to experience a wonderful win win situation! You will win due to the Fair Market Tax Deduction and helping worthy causes. The causes and people your car donation supports win, both financially and emotionally. Our goal is to maximize your donation dollars and complete the entire vehicle donation in less than 72 hours. We accept car donations anywhere in the United States and offer free towing for any vehicle. Donate Car

Are you a Nonprofit Charity?

Does Your Organization Need Fundraising Help? Partner with Us! Our goal is to help your nonprofit easily accept vehicle donations and other charity donations through your website or fundraising function. We do all of the paperwork, and maximize the financial benefits your organization and most importantly, the donor, receives with every donation. No need to  worry about stacks of IRS forms, tax deduction rules and allowances, fielding donor questions, towing, repairing, selling etc. Car Donation Online does it all! Charity Partner Program

Do YOU Need Help? Ask Here!

Car Donation Online takes very seriously our trustworthiness to donors, to those counting on our support, and to God, to wisely use the funds entrusted to us. Car Donation Online has helped touch the lives of thousands of families in need, social service agencies and numerous charitable causes worldwide. We review each help request, case by case, and determine whether we can be of assistance based on available funds or inventory. If you need help, briefly tell us about your situation and needs through our "I Need Help Form".