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    It's a commendable decision to generously donate a collector car to charity. Your classic car donation is in the best of hands when you donate with us. Our professional [volunteer] staff is positioned to maximize your gift—both for our beneficiaries and for you. Car Donation Online has the means to aid you in securing a significant fair market value tax deduction for your collector car donation. Over the years we have had numerous exotic and performance classic car donations such as Muscle car donations, convertible hot rods, antique and vintage cars and even a few race cars. Your classic car donation will garner you the highest possible Tax Deduction, guaranteed. Donate Collector car below.

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Donate Collector Car - Classic Car

What a winning situation it is when you use us for a collector car donation. Deserving causes win because your donation converts into much needed resources; we win because we get to further our cause; you win because we can help you secure a fair market value tax deduction—and now we can reward your gift with a free vacation, too! We'll complete your donation within a few days—anywhere in the U.S. and with free towing should you need it!.

Nonprofit Charities, Please Read

We offer more assistance to fundraising nonprofit charities. We want to help you get funded in any way we can; so, we offer partnering opportunities where we will put our volunteers to work for you! Here's how it works: you accept collector car donations/charitable gifts through your website or group and we help with the processing (including complex IRS forms & filings). Together, we make sure donors get the benefits they deserve and your group gets the money it needs. Partner Program

Ask Here if YOU Need Help

Collector car donation and vehicle donation is our function, but it only exists to help people like you—people in need of assistance. People like you are why we are here, so please, if you are in need, ask us for help! Complete the help request form here. We will promptly review it and determine our ability to help via inventory or funding. Our real goal is to take the trust placed in us and help deserving people and groups like you..
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