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    Reliable, trustworthy, rewarding ATV donation online is here. Our nonprofit promises to make the absolute best use of your ATV donation by maximizing that gift…carefully screening recipients, spending as much as possible of the proceeds on beneficiary programs, and also by giving back to you. When you donate ATV proceeds (or repurposing) help a great variety of programs and peoples—including you! You qualify for a fair market value tax deduction (because you've donated to us, a qualifying nonprofit) and for our gift of a free vacation, too! It's the least we could do to reward generosity like yours.

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ATV Donation Online – Donate ATV

Donate ATV, snowmobile, car, truck…vehicles of any sort and be rewarded for your generosity! We've created a fast and easy process (most completed within three days) that costs you nothing (even towing is free) and can be done anywhere in the U.S. We find the best way to utilize your donation and reward you with tax deductions and free vacations! Most donations qualify for the Fair Market Value Deduction from the IRS and thousands of vacation and deluxe hotel accommodations!

Can We Help Your Nonprofit Charity?

As nonprofits, we all need to overcome funding hurdles. Donate ATV online has the advantage of having many dedicated professionals volunteering their time for the betterment of others. You can have that advantage, too, by becoming our partner. You accept donations (through website, appeals…) as they come to you and let us do all the complex work behind the scenes. We handle IRS forms, paperwork, repairs, towing, and donor questions—you get the money. Winning partners all around!
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Need Help Personally? Please Ask!

Nothing is more valuable to us than the trust that has been placed in Donate ATV online by donors and by God. We take that faith and responsibility seriously, and constantly work to fulfill our promise. The help we've been able to deliver with financial assistance and donation inventory has touched so many; if you have a need we want to help you, too. If this applies to you, please fill out the brief request help form for case-by-case review.
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