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  • Free Vehicle Towing - Car Towing

    We cannot expect you to incur expenses for your car or vehicle donation. And so, we have worked to provide free towing options for those who need it so that we can access your car or vehicle donation without cost to you. Donate car - boat, aircraft or any vehicle donation and receive free towing.

    Free Vehicle Towing Explained

    Partnerships And Generosity Help Provide Free Towing For You
    If you are able to drive your donated car to a location of our convenience, that helps us all the more. Should this prove impossible or difficult (either because the car is in need of repair or is not legally registered), we will happily use our contacts to have the vehicle towed from its location, free of charge. Sometimes, free towing comes at expense to our program (a cost of charitable 'business'), and sometimes car donations and vehicle donations are towed free of charge by generous partner businesses. Of course, we always choose the most cost-effective method, but for you the end result is the same: free towing for your car donation.

    Free Towing Anywhere In The U.S.

    Our function and network extends all over the U.S. We can accept car donations and vehicle donations in any state and still provide free towing thanks to our partners.

    Need Car Towing? Motorcycle Towing? Aircraft Towing? Contact Us Today

    If driving your car or vehicle donation to us is not a possibility, just give us a call or contact us via the forms on this website, and we will arrange to pick it up. You do not have to be home at the time, just be sure to let us know where to find the keys and where you'll leave the title.

    Ready to donate? Contact Us Now and we'll make all the necessary arrangements!


Car Donation Online - Donate Car

Donate car, motorcycle, aircraft, boat or any type vehicle donation to Car Donation Online to experience a wonderful win win situation! You will win due to the Fair Market Tax Deduction and Free Hotel or cruise vacation. The causes and people your car donation supports win, both financially and emotionally. Our goal is to maximize your donation dollars and complete the entire vehicle donation in less than 72 hours. We accept car donations anywhere in the United States and offer free towing for any vehicle. Donate Car

Are you a Nonprofit Charity?

Does Your Organization Need Fundraising Help? Partner with Us! Our goal is to help your nonprofit easily accept vehicle donations and other charity donations through your website or fundraising function. We do all of the paperwork, and maximize the financial benefits your organization and most importantly, the donor, receives with every donation. No need to  worry about stacks of IRS forms, tax deduction rules and allowances, fielding donor questions, towing, repairing, selling etc. Car Donation Online does it all! Charity Partner Program

Do YOU Need Help? Ask Here!

Car Donation Online takes very seriously our trustworthiness to donors, to those counting on our support, and to God, to wisely use the funds entrusted to us. Car Donation Online has helped touch the lives of thousands of families in need, social service agencies and numerous charitable causes worldwide. We review each help request, case by case, and determine whether we can be of assistance based on available funds or inventory. If you need help, briefly tell us about your situation and needs through our "I Need Help Form".