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  • Car Donation, Vehicle Donation FAQ

    We know you've got questions despite our best efforts to provide all the details in the respective areas of our website. We hope to answer any remaining queries here on this car donation FAQ page, but should you still need to know more, don't hesitate to contact us. Use our online contact form or call us, and a volunteer will help get you the answers you seek.

    Some Common Questions Answered Regarding Car Donations

    Do you accept only car donations, or can I donate something else?
    The short answer—no and yes! We accept almost any type of vehicle donation; yours can be a car donation, truck donation, ATV or snowmobile donation, boat, RV, trailer, or airplane donation, motorcycle, or construction equipment donation, too! Use the links at the side to take you to the page you need and we'll process your gift and your rewards right away!

    How do I donate a vehicle to you?
    We've done our best to make vehicle donation easy. As mentioned above, use the links to the right to take you to the page you need, fill in a simple form, and we'll be in touch with details, tax documents, and a gift for you!

    What do you need from me when I donate?
    We don't need much—just the few details on the form, the keys, and the title to the vehicle (if you don’t have a title we can work around it). You don't even need to be there when we pick the vehicle up, so long as you tell us where to find these essentials.

    How will you get my car or vehicle?
    When possible, we can sometimes have you drive the vehicle to us or drop it off, but most people utilize our free towing services. We'll schedule a time, confirm it with you, and a partner will come to collect your car donation (and like we said, you don’t have to be home).

    Is there anywhere you can't go in the U.S.?
    No. We accept vehicle donations and arrange for towing in all of the 50 states.

    How soon can you get here to take my car donation?
    We try to move as quickly as possible when we get a car donation. In most cases, we pick your vehicle donation up within a few days. If there is a need for faster service, call us and we can work it out.

    How do I determine the value of my donation for tax deduction purposes?
    Kind of a tough question because there's not a straight-forward answer. The best way to determine the value of your deduction is to consult IRS Publication 4303 . Please note that vehicles valued over $5,000 also require an independent appraisal, and we can often provide this at no cost to you [contact us for more details].

    Why is your charity my best option for car donation?

    We've gone into this in detail on the 'Why Donate Vehicle With Us' page, please refer there for more. In short, we are your best option because we are a real charity that maximizes car donations and also rewards our valuable donors—that's you!

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Car Donation Online takes very seriously our trustworthiness to donors, to those counting on our support, and to God, to wisely use the funds entrusted to us. Car Donation Online has helped touch the lives of thousands of families in need, social service agencies and numerous charitable causes worldwide. We review each help request, case by case, and determine whether we can be of assistance based on available funds or inventory. If you need help, briefly tell us about your situation and needs through our "I Need Help Form".