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  • Why Use Car Donation Online to Donate Vehicle?

    Simply put, Car Donation Online is not like other "charities" that accept vehicle donations. Whereas others are just middlemen who take their cut, we are the charity, and all of our proceeds go to helping others in need. We help all sorts of people and fantastic community organizations by committing 100% of our profits to the effort.

    How Is Car Donation Online Different?

    Is This How A Charity Should Operate?
    Unbeknownst to donors, many on - and offline car donation charities are really just middlemen. They sell their services by calling themselves a charity, when in actuality all they do is share with a charity—and the dollar figures aren't great. The organizations that operate in this way convince you to give (which is good), receive your vehicle donation, then sell it at a profit (since they've invested nothing). The middleman himself takes a huge cut. A charity does get some portion in most cases, but it is only a very small percentage of the vehicle proceeds.

    With their small percentage, the charities then go about paying staff and operating expenses, taking another cut, and give what's left to the people and organizations they 'support'. In the end, only between one and ten percent of your original donation actually reaches people with needs.

    In the worst of cases, these charity donation set-ups are just facades for companies calling themselves charities, and little good is done. Recently it has been brought to the publics attention that a few well known car donation programs are playing on the facade they are helping kids, using kids in their domain name, advertising on billboards and radio jingles, are using all of the profits to slyly use the proceeds to help a specific type of "kid", specifically Orthodox Jewish children..

    We Are a Non-denominational Charitable Organization - We Help Anyone in Need!

    Car Donation Online does not do things this way. We do not hire donations out to middlemen; we handle all car donations ourselves, only using peripheral services if we need them. That means we see to the disposition of the vehicle ourselves, and do not wait for our cut from what amounts to a used-car salesman.

    In many cases, we are able to go a step further and not make money at all; sometimes we can just rehabilitate a vehicle and give it to a deserving person—a parent or a veteran, perhaps—who needs it to get a job and support their family, or to get to doctor's appointments. Whenever possible, we do this first.

    When we do profit from a car donation, we put as much of that money as possible in the hands of the needy. We keep operating costs low, use as much volunteer help as we can, and only maintain the bare minimum of expenses. We put that money into our 'With Causes' charitable network and fund things like leukemia research, veterans' programs, schools, community services, and individuals with real needs.

    Donors And Recipients Lend Their Praise Of Online Car Donation

    We love it when we get compliments, and over the years we have been humbled by many. Donors have told us how wonderful the benefits of donating with a real, worthwhile organization are, and fund and vehicle recipients have told us what a difference we've made in their lives; it is not uncommon for us to hear that we've put the first smile on the face of a beneficiary in months! Won't you please help us do more?

Car Donation Online - Donate Car

Donate car, motorcycle, aircraft, boat or any type vehicle donation to Car Donation Online to experience a wonderful win win situation! You will win due to the Fair Market Tax Deduction and helping worthy causes. The causes and people your car donation supports win, both financially and emotionally. Our goal is to maximize your donation dollars and complete the entire vehicle donation in less than 72 hours. We accept car donations anywhere in the United States and offer free towing for any vehicle. Donate Car

Are you a Nonprofit Charity?

Does Your Organization Need Fundraising Help? Partner with Us! Our goal is to help your nonprofit easily accept vehicle donations and other charity donations through your website or fundraising function. We do all of the paperwork, and maximize the financial benefits your organization and most importantly, the donor, receives with every donation. No need to  worry about stacks of IRS forms, tax deduction rules and allowances, fielding donor questions, towing, repairing, selling etc. Car Donation Online does it all! Charity Partner Program

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Car Donation Online takes very seriously our trustworthiness to donors, to those counting on our support, and to God, to wisely use the funds entrusted to us. Car Donation Online has helped touch the lives of thousands of families in need, social service agencies and numerous charitable causes worldwide. We review each help request, case by case, and determine whether we can be of assistance based on available funds or inventory. If you need help, briefly tell us about your situation and needs through our "I Need Help Form".