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    Few organizations utilize charitable vehicle donations as we do; we find every way to make a vehicle donation beneficial to both our donors and the causes we support, and we give back in as many ways as we possibly can. We accept vehicle donations and then use to continue supporting countless worthwhile causes & recipients. Our staff is 100% volunteer so all money goes where it should; we maintain legal nonprofit status to secure tax deduction advantages for you, our donor.

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Vehicle Donation – Donate Vehicle

All types of vehicles qualify for vehicle donation. When you choose to relieve yourself of vehicles in this way, we get the chance to do great things! We get to help so many great causes (cancer research, children's groups, more…) and people (private individuals in need). We get to do something for our donors, too! We provide a fast completion turn around (just 3 days!), an easy process (a simple form or call), tax benefits, and knowing you helped a needy family!

We Help Other Nonprofits!

Fundraising is difficult, we know. Vehicle donation is complex and we know that, too. But we are already set up to handle vehicle donations, so that part is easy for our volunteers. Not so for you? Be our partner. We will manage any donation you can secure, do the paperwork and IRS documents for donors, even answer donor questions and grant them our rewards. We'll maximize benefits and return funding to your group. And towing, repairs, selling…that's all on us, too..
Charity Partner Program

We're Here If YOU Need Help

Whether you represent a group or are a private person in need, we're ready to help. This is the task that has we've undertaken in the interest of helping others. To this end, God and willing donors have entrusted their vehicle donations with us. But we can’t help those we aren’t aware of, and so we encourage anyone in need to use this brief request form to contact us. We'll consider your request individually and certainly help if we can..
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