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    Your trust is well placed in us as the charity you choose to donate aircraft to. We'll make the absolute best use of your aircraft donation, and also give back to you! Perhaps you know that when you donate aircraft you can qualify for a sizable fair market value tax deduction; since you've chosen to donate to our qualified nonprofit, you'll get that advantage. All aircraft donations enjoy free pickup from anywhere in the USA. Learn much more at our website dedicated solely to Aircraft Donations here..

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Aircraft Donation – Donate Aircraft

You've created the best of winning situations with your decision to donate aircraft with Car Donation Online. The people and groups we support win—we have more resources to support them; we win because we get the funds we need for giving; we also win because we get to give back to you! We're so happy to have this opportunity to provide you with tax advantages!

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Fundraising a struggle? Can we be of assistance? Through our partnership program, we can be the tool you need to accept aircraft donations and other donations from supporters and convert them into money you need. When people come to you willing to donate aircraft, we will manage the entire process and all transactions—IRS forms, paperwork, donor questions, towing and repairs, all of it. We'll maximize donations and get benefits to donors. Talk to us—see how we can help!.
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The trust that has been placed in us is a gift, not unlike the charitable gifts of those who help through a vehicle and aircraft donation. Our sole purpose is to give that gift, wisely, to others. Our gifts are given to people in our nation and worldwide, to medical researchers, community groups, and private individuals. If you are a person or organization in need, please let us know. We'll review your case / cause and see what we can do..
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