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    Unwanted trucks can easily be turned into value financial benefits when you choose to donate a truck here. Since you've decided to donate truck donation should benefit you as you help. Make your truck donation to a charity that will maximize donation proceeds and get as much money as possible from your truck donation to those deserving peoples. These are services we are poised to provide. Donate a truck with us and you can claim your qualified fair market value tax deduction and also get a free vacation—your choice to thousands of destinations, made possible by generous partnering donors.

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Donate truck, car, ATV, boat, plane…we accept all types of vehicle donations. Not sure? Please ask! With truck donation online, all vehicle donations are fast and easy. Our goal is to complete your truck donation in days so that we can repurpose or convert the truck you donate and start helping the people waiting for our funds now. As with truck donation, all vehicles can qualify for a free vacation, free towing, and a fair market tax deduction.

Are You A Nonprofit Charity?

Can we help you fundraise? We'd be glad to work in partnership so that you too have the ability to raise funds via vehicle and truck donation. You can still use your website to accept vehicle donations (and others), and you can use our skilled staff, IRS experience, and nonprofit status to process paperwork and give back to your generous donors. Proof of donation, IRS forms, donor queries, towing, and repairs fall to us; the money goes back to you!
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Car donation online only exists to help others. We are a completely nonprofit, volunteer-based organization privileged to be trusted by those who want to give to others via truck donation. When donors donate, truck donations are converted into resources and cash that go to groups and private individuals. We take this very seriously and take every opportunity for outreach. If you think we can help you, please ask! We'll review your request and determine our ability to help..
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