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    Maximize your boat donation! Donate your boat to a charity with a wide outreach and professional staff of volunteers, ready to make the most of your boat donation and bring you all the benefits of donating a boat to charity. When you donate boat proceeds will be used to fund meaningful community works projects, help deserving individuals and families, support medical research and more. For your gift, you will receive a fair market value tax deduction (most boat donations qualify) and a free vacation voucher! Our process is easy and our professional staff is ready for your boat donation today.

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Have more to donate? Boats aren't all we do! We accept all types of vehicle donations including car donations, trucks, recreational vehicles, construction equipment, motorcycles…even aircraft. All qualifying vehicle donations, like boat donations, receive the same rewards: a fair market value tax deduction and a free vacation voucher; choose from thousands of city options for hotel accommodations, vacation packages, or cruises donated by our partners. Boat donations and vehicle donations are accepted in any state and completed in just days..

We Help Non-Profit Charities

Perhaps you are a nonprofit charity with donors willing to donate, but you haven't the manpower to see the process through. We can help! Partner with us and we will handle all the processing on behalf of you and your donor, and get funds to you quickly! Donors can donate boats and vehicles and we can take care of the paperwork, IRS forms, tax deductions, and donor questions. Why? Because we are a charity that exists only to help others.
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Our whole purpose in processing boat donations is to help groups, families, and individuals who are in need; each time someone trusts enough to donate a boat to us, we use it to raise funds to further great causes. If you are experiencing difficulty, have a medical need, or are part of a group dedicated to the greater good, we'd like to help. We will happily accept your request here and review each outreach for help on a case-by-case basis.
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