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  • Free Vacation Offer

    Anyone that chooses to donate a car or any other type vehicle donation valued over $500 will receive a free vacation voucher in addition to a Fair market Tax Deduction. If a worry free vacation is what you are seeking, and you have no interest in listening to a salesman pitch an overpriced timeshare, our free vacation offer for your car donation should garner some interest. Donate Car to Charity

    Car Donation Free Vacation Details

    Free Vacation Trips allow You to Choose Destination! Free Hotel, Cruise or Both!

    We have given free vacations as a gift to thousands of donors over the years and every donor has always had something positive to say. We currently have free vacation destinations for you to choose from covering the entire world! Some of the free vacation trips you can choose from include: Mexico resorts, free Las Vegas vacation resorts, Australia, Fiji Islands, free Orlando vacations and other free Florida vacation destinations, Italy, Spain, plus thousand more! If you would rather donate car to charity and choose the free cruise vacations offering, hundreds of ports of call are waiting.

    3, 4, 5 and 8 Day Free Vacation Vouchers Available! Donate Car to Help Yourself and Others!

    What is the Catch? - Nothing! Enjoy a Worry Free Vacation! We only Wish We Could Give More!

    Choose between thousands of free vacation packages, hotels, cruise or even both on the same vacation! You will receive deluxe hotel accommodations in the city of your choice. Your used car donation or vehicle donation is a great way to enjoy a free vacation and help others at the same time! The only costs incurred is a small Resort/Sales tax for each resort which averages only $7-$13 per night! 3, 4 and 7 day free vacation packages available!

    Make a Car Donation today and start planning your free vacation tomorrow!

    Click here to donate your car and start planning your next trip!
    Our charity car donation program makes repairs to worthy vehicles and gives away cars to those less fortunate. We maximize the value whenever possible.

    Free Vacation Satisfied Donor Words

    • Who wouldn't want to go on vacation free and actually choose where to go! Our free vacation destination was St. Thomas! I upgraded us to a suite for only $10 more! I am trying to get a friend to donate a car to you guys so we can go back!
    • We heard about charities offering free Florida vacations and cant believe it was true. My motorcycle donation sent us to Florida!
    • I was looking to donate my car and the free vacation was just an added bonus. I did take the trip and must say, I was impressed.
    • My brother and I wanted to donate cars to a worthy cause and am glad we found you guys. Both car donations went smooth and we enjoyed our free Las Vegas vacation.

Car Donation Online - Donate Car

Donate car, motorcycle, aircraft, boat or any type vehicle donation to Car Donation Online to experience a wonderful win win situation! You will win due to the Fair Market Tax Deduction and Free Hotel or cruise vacation. The causes and people your car donation supports win, both financially and emotionally. Our goal is to maximize your donation dollars and complete the entire vehicle donation in less than 72 hours. We accept car donations anywhere in the United States and offer free towing for any vehicle. Donate Car

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Does Your Organization Need Fundraising Help? Partner with Us! Our goal is to help your nonprofit easily accept vehicle donations and other charity donations through your website or fundraising function. We do all of the paperwork, and maximize the financial benefits your organization and most importantly, the donor, receives with every donation. No need to  worry about stacks of IRS forms, tax deduction rules and allowances, fielding donor questions, towing, repairing, selling etc. Car Donation Online does it all! Charity Partner Program

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Car Donation Online takes very seriously our trustworthiness to donors, to those counting on our support, and to God, to wisely use the funds entrusted to us. Car Donation Online has helped touch the lives of thousands of families in need, social service agencies and numerous charitable causes worldwide. We review each help request, case by case, and determine whether we can be of assistance based on available funds or inventory. If you need help, briefly tell us about your situation and needs through our "I Need Help Form".